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Key Recommendations

Use sunscreen. Dance. Sing. Play nice with the other kids in the sandbox.

BACKUPS. Have at least one. This is all about the backup.

Do you really want to test Murphy's Law?

ROUTER. Get one. They're great for sharing that Internet connection and provide critical security against random and not-so-random attacks.

REALITY. Don't buy a Fiesta and hope to turn it into a Tesla. Buy what will fit your needs and wants. And your style, wallet permitting. And consider refurbished with good warranties.

SURGE PROTECTION. Even laptops can be fried by a big zap of electricity. A decent protector will come with insurance against these failures. A battery backup is even better.

ANTI-MALWARE PROTECTION. Bad things are out there. No absolute protection exists, but why be a daredevil? Free offerings are available. Windows 10 comes with Defender.

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, ASK. Please call with your questions. Or email, or text.

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