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Free Software!

Or, The Price is Right!


So you'd rather save coin on software and use free programs.  As long as the data can be shared when it needs to be shared, I say, "Go for it!"  But always, always read what you're installing.  And I admit it, like 99.99% of you, I accept the terms of agreement for whatever program or app I install, as I don't have a choice to disagree;  a program won't install, otherwise.  Someone may challenge that someday.


Again - I cannot emphasize this enough - go slowly thru any installation and carefully select or de-select options.


In any case, on with the free software!  I don't list 'em all, only the ones I use or consider near the top of each category.


Office Suites - word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations


Email Programs - your mailbox in the computer or in the Cloud - for a general explanation of Email and definitions of email terms, click Here  


Utilities - I'm all over this one - things to help understand & maintain your computer


Browsers & Search Engines - who's your favorite child?


Remote Access - Knock, knock.  (You say, "Who's there?")


Websites I Use for Work - geek advice, shopping for tech, stuff like that



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