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No, just browsing

Did you ever see the commercial where the guy "finishes" the Internet?

Surfing, Browsing the Web - it's what gets done at work and at home

Chrome - from Google, is my top choice - fast* and very innovative.  While some fret about Google owning the Internet, so it seems, I am comfortable with all the Web apps under the Google umbrella.  Chrome will work without signing in, too, as will other browsers.

* Now approaching version 70, Chrome has had extra code installed to block issues arising from hardware deficiencies and now runs about 13% slower.

Firefox - was my top choice before Chrome.  A worthy choice.  From the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.  It went through significant upgrades in 2018 and is again fast and reliable.

Safari - From the creative folks at Apple - you'll see it on your iDevices and Macs.

Opera - There are others out there, too, like SeaMonkey.

Internet Explorer versions 8 & way above that - While security was greatly improved in IE6 (version 6), functionality was greatly improved in IE7.  Windows XP will not permit any version higher than 8.  Windows 2000 will run version 7.  For Vista & Windows 7, version 9 combines the Search box with the Address box, like Chrome does.  

Windows 7 can now run IE11;  Windows 8 now comes with IE11;  the Reading Pane mode is available in the Windows 8 Start screen version only - and only if IE is the default browser.  

Windows 10 brought along a new browser called Edge.  It has some interesting features but I don't use it much at this point.



Add-ons & extensions add all sorts of functions to browsers.  Most are 3rd-party and many are available for more than one browser.  I use these with Chrome.  Some sites will not show free content while ad-blocking is enabled.

AdBlock Plus - very popular and also copied.  I use the version from  Prevents (most) ads from appearing on websites, including Gmail, Facebook, CNN and many, many more.  Can be disabled for specific sites, easily.


CleanPrint - Click on CleanPrint to eliminate the clutter from a page before sending it to a printer or saving it as a PDF.

MightyText - allows my texting to show up on my PC;  can send & reply, too - very handy, indeed!

GoogleVoice - HangOuts has been cleaned up and simplified for those just wanting to make phone calls.  Which is what I do, GoogleVoice allows me to have phone conversations through my PC or laptop, or anyone else's.  Also, GoogleVoice phone numbers have been free and are still free - and they can ring to your mobile phone or landline or both, or more, as you choose. This feature was VERY handy, as it saved me during an emergency when my cellphone wouldn't work!  Requires speakers & microphone.

I am not sure that the plug-in is necessary for running in up-to-date Chrome.

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