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Remote Support

in just a few quick steps

Remote assistance tools work with Windows & Macs and is easy and free. Here's how:

   1)   Do you have an internet connection for your ailing system?  The answer must be "Yes"

   2)   Call or text me ... as you want me on the other end of the phone as well as the computer

​   3)

​   4)   Then, run this SplashTop SOS app - you will then tell me the code for this remote session. 

         Only then will it allow me remote control

    It's that easy!  

Some Fine Print about the SplashTop SOS app...

  • SplashTop SOS runs without installing on your PC.  It is either running or it isn't.  

  • When SplashTop SOS is in session, you can take contol from me at any time by moving your mouse.  You can close the program at any time.  

  • Once SplashTop SOS is closed, no one will be able to connect thru TeamViewer until you run the program again.  

  • For the latest SplashTop SOS version, come back here and download again by clicking on Step No. 3 above.

  • SplashTop is headquartered in San Jose, CA

  • Blah, blah, blah

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