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It is time - - for a new system

Replacing a PC, Laptop, Adding a Tablet, or going it with only a phone?
Integrate Mobile and PC Tech Timonium MD

  transition from

   ye old to new system


  • Move from that old Etch-a-Sketch  that is only useful as a paperweight... to a quiet yet speedy system showing what you want when you want it

  • Make sure key apps and all your info will work without a steep learning curve

  • I'll shop it for you  - systems, software, extra hardware, even warranties

  • Make it easier to use

PCs are still in demand


  • A Solid State Drive - SSD - represents one of the easiest and best upgrades for Older laptops and PCs --- can often run much better by replacing the hard disk drive with a solid state drive (HDD to SSD upgrade) as SSDs are reasonably inexpensive

  • Moving to a new computer is also relatively inexpensive and often come with SSDs, plus a newer CPU (that's the brain) and memory (that's the chalkboard)

  • Keep Calm and Go Faster

  • Move all your stuff from old to new

  • Make the new run & look like your old, familiar system

  • All you need is a tablet?  Ready to make that change or addition?  Let's do it!

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