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Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays!
Some thoughts about your tech options as we head into the unknown of the New Year

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Scams and Threats

Not sure? - ask me BEFORE you click or call a number in that pop-up on your screen.  If you think something's not on the up-and-up, check in with me.

BACK UP your important stuff – Do you back up regularly? Do you keep your software installations (CDs, instructions, emails, and/or usernames & passwords that got stuff loaded) handy for when those apps need to be reinstalled?  

Be prepared for HARDWARE failures.


Norton 360 Deluxe is currently available for about $20 for a year for five devices. Turn off auto-renew after the subscription has been activated. Annoying pop-up promotions? By default, they are annoying;  but their frequency can be minimized.  Works on Macs, too (search Amazon or Google for the best price at the moment for Norton 360).  A free alternative is Windows Defender, which comes with every Windows 11 or 10 PC. 

To find crapware that can slow your computer, I recommend occasional running of the free personal Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program ( 

Good printers –  very reliable and relatively inexpensive options are basic monochrome laser printers, either print-only or All-in-One. The cost per page for these are much less than any inkjet printer.  Leave color printing needs to the well-equipped shops at Staples & FedEx, or get a basic inkjet printer for color. The newer Epson & Brother inkjet tank printers claim to be a lot cheaper than their inkjet cartridge counterparts.  

Where & how you purchase new equipment can lengthen your warranty without purchasing an extended plan.  For example:

  • Dell business class (like OptiPlex, Precision) usually offer 3 year warranties

  • Costco electronics purchases often come with their 2nd year warranty as well as Concierge services ( that include phone support with US-based reps 

  • many credit cards offer additional warranty coverage that follows a manufacturer's warranty period


Always check the websites of these companies for current information regarding such policies on price matching, warranty programs, and technical support.​

Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.

These apps are with us to stay.  Keep them updated.

Quality audio is essential to making any virtual event a positive one.  More critical than your video, PLEASE TEST your audio well before your next cam get-together or work event.  A basic Logitech webcam offers a good camera & microphone.  Earbuds, headsets, and, yes, Bluetooth speakers can also improve your experience and those of your fellow participants..

Audio quality is essential to making any virtual event a positive one.  So, consider options for webcams, microphones, earbuds, headsets, and, yes, Bluetooth.

In Conclusion...

2022 will be in the rear-view mirror soon, but your tech needs won't!  For help with your tech, reach out to me and let’s improve your setup. 

  • Call or text me at 410-929-5684

  • Email me 

  • Send smoke signals if your locality permits these (just kidding, I don’t know how to read them)

  • Check for my occasional tips on my Facebook Page:  Help for the PC

  • And – really, really, I really mean it – back up your personal stuff!

Be safe, be healthy, and may your tech enrich your life!

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