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About Robert:  I'm a PC!

... a PC repair guy, that is.

OK, I work on Macs, too, now. I pitch in with tablets, smartphones, and other related tech.

I live in Towson and help folks with their PCs, laptops & mobile devices as tools - and perhaps for some entertainment, too. 


If you're busy, successful, and have better things to do with your time than putter around with tiny screwdrivers and software settings, I can help you.


I spent over twenty years in the corporate world as a programmer analyst, with the bulk of my work in large financial database systems.  My efforts ranged from specifications & design, to prototyping & development, to testing & documentation, to implementation & training.  Pretty much database from A to Z - or D to E!


I found it satisfying to write clean, fast code - but more rewarding was helping the users, making their jobs easier.  I felt my special talent was being able to know enough tech but speak in simple, less technical terms.

My earliest days of computer consulting involved Lotus 123, BASIC, and other programs that business people were adopting back then to store, retrieve and have more meaningful information. 

The Apple world has stunning, well-designed and superbly engineered products.  I have an iPad - and I had an iPod Touch, til it went thru the laundry cycle with my gym clothing.  I still consider myself mainly a PC Guy.  And, I am enjoying the different challenges with Macs. 

Windows 11? 10? 7 or older?

In Printer Hell?

Laptop broken?

Slow Mac or PC?
Need virus removal?

Got a frozen computer?

Considering an upgrade?

Want my professional support?

PC Repair Lutherville Replace Hard Drive fix laptop
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