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Wondering what your Tech Guy's PC looks like? What's under my hood? Come take a look-see....

A quality surge protector will stand behind its products.  The only brand I recommend is APS for its Equipment Protection Policy.

For big bricks at the plugs, there are 1' long, 3-pronged extension cords that allow access to all slots of a strip style surge protector (see below).

Even laptops can be damaged t...

Use sunscreen.  Dance.  Sing. Play nice with the other kids in the sandbox.

BACKUPS.  Have at least one. This is all about the backup.  

Do you really want to test Murphy's Law?

ROUTER.  Get one.  They're great for sharing that Internet connection and provide critical security against random and not-so-ra...


Good news! There are some excellent free programs available.  


CAVEAT EMPTOR:  My advice on free software is that USUALLY you get what you pay for. However, I use and recommend a handful of free programs, utilities and add-ons.


Be careful when downloading & installing any software.  


(click on the pic...

The Internet has vast amounts of information, much of it free for the asking.  Google, Facebook and YouTube are the three largest search engines.  

I also shop for tech products online.  I can usually find detailed specifications, consumer and professional reviews, recommendations and comparisons in addition...

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Who is this guy?

I'm Robert and I'd like you to get as much from your PC, phone & mobile tech that fits your needs, wants & style

Help for the PC

Towson, MD


Baltimore City and Baltimore County computer repair and virus removal ~ networking and wireless ~ tablets and smartphones and printers, Oh my! ~ All versions of Windows ~ Macs too ~ remote support available ~

computer service onsite or pickup and dropoff ~ i listen and am friendly, too

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