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As of April 2019, my main computer is a home-built Windows PC in an older Dell minitower case.  Windows 10 Pro 64-bit edition and I jumped in early but stay current, now on the November 2019 Update.  


I upgraded the RAM with an additional 8 GB and am still on the lookout for a used Core i7 CPU to help content load faster.  The i3 still runs decently.


Specifications include:

   Gigabyte motherboard

   Intel Core i3 CPU

   16 GB of DDR3 RAM

   Windows 10 & programs are installed

   on a Samsung 850 Pro SSD

   (2) 1 TB Western Digital HDDs

   MSI 1 GB GDDR5 graphics card

   500 W Antec PSU

   APC 650 UPS

   Samsung HD 22" monitor

   Logitech K800 wireless, backlit keyboard

   and M510 mouse


I back up my data to an external HDD and disconnect it after backing up.


For mobile computing, I rely on a rebuilt Dell Ultrabook, the Latitude E7240.  I dream about moving to a Surface Pro or other 2-in-1 laptop, but I'm happy with this and really do like a solid keyboard while mobile.


My smartphone at present is the Google Pixel 2. 


I have an original iPad & a Mini 2.  Both still work fine but I can't add most any app or even update old apps.


I now have an older MacBook Pro, with iffy WiFi that fails from time to time, but the Ethernet port works fine. I do work on Macs now, as well.  I currently have an old iMac all-in-one hanging around and occasionally use it for YouTube entertainment. 




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Help for the PC

Towson, MD


Baltimore City and Baltimore County computer repair and virus removal ~ networking and wireless ~ tablets and smartphones and printers, Oh my! ~ All versions of Windows ~ Macs too ~ remote support available ~

computer service onsite or pickup and dropoff ~ i listen and am friendly, too

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